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Simple Core Workouts to Increase Body Control

While achieving a rocking bikini body can be motivation enough for some to strengthen their core; some find that fueling their body’s powerhouse is a bigger reason. Not only does your core facilitate and support your body’s ability to perform at a stronger level, it also houses your body’s inner organs and central nervous system. […]

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10 Steps to Increase Your Flexibility

Steps to Achieving a More Flexible You When you think about flexibility you probably imagine a yogi twisting his body into some impossible and slightly repellent yoga pose. In truth flexibility is much more than performing complicated yoga moves and should be a part of daily life for everyone. Having a flexible body means being […]

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5 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

There is no denying that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to living a well-balanced, long and happy life. For most, the idea of spending too much on gym memberships or even finding the time in their busy day to get a workout in detracts them from their end goal. After so long, the consequences […]