10 Healthier Spooky Halloween Treats

Every holiday seems to have its own special treats and goodies that are packed full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could provide some healthy alternatives to our family and still keep the fun and flavor of the holiday? Some holidays seem to have a greater demand for unhealthy […]

Food Prep

How to Meal Prep for the Week

Meal planning and meal prepping for a week at a time is the most impactful way to ensure you stay on your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. When we meal prep we set ourselves up to stay on track and to make the choices we want instead of just eating whatever is available. Meal […]

Butt Workouts

Best Butt Workouts to Get a Curvier Booty

If you’re anything like me, then curves just aren’t something that you are naturally blessed with. Having a very masculine and athletic body, I always struggled with my appearance from the backend. It wasn’t until these past few months that I started to get serious about finding some real booty busting workouts. And though I […]

Waterfall Bucket list

Waterfalls to add to your travel bucket list

5 – Angel Falls (Canaima, Venezuela) From a mystical tabletop mountain deep in a Venezuelan equatorial rainforest, it has been acknowledged by many as the tallest permanent waterfall in the world. Its existence defies logic as its source is nothing but the soggy cloud forest on the plateau of the Tepuy. No doubt about it, […]

healthy alternatives

5 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

In a time where a bottle of water usually costs more than a large soda, it’s no wonder why the American population continues to fall into the bad habit of drinking soda. The average American guzzles down roughly 44 gallons of soda per year. And while I’m not the only one to admit that a […]

Health & Fitness Made Possible for Busy People

Health & Fitness Made Possible for Busy People

If you’re anything like me then you probably have an overloaded schedule, people you are responsible for and places to be. You set a fitness goal and things start to work out for a few days, but then quickly life catches back up and you’re pulled into your responsibilities. You don’t even realize how much […]

exercise ball

Simple Core Workouts to Increase Body Control

While achieving a rocking bikini body can be motivation enough for some to strengthen their core; some find that fueling their body’s powerhouse is a bigger reason. Not only does your core facilitate and support your body’s ability to perform at a stronger level, it also houses your body’s inner organs and central nervous system. […]